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DELL Laptops & Computers - refurbished

Digital Broadband


Kashmir plaza 6, Blue area - Islamabad - Pakistan


Same as Munir Brothers Ė 75 meters further down the road.


Sells DELL Refurbished laptops imported from the USA under local warranty from digital broadband. Explicitly ask what the warranty includes and what is offered for compensation when the laptop, disk or screen fails.

Be sure you know what you want and have the knowledge and skills to test the laptops and computers before buying. Test DELL refurbished laptopís from this shop on:

- Results of DELL diagnostic test (download from
- Dead pixels on the screen (See diagnostic test)
- Hinges of the screen (must feel firm in stead of sloppy)
- Size and position of RAM (under keyboard or backside of laptop)
- New keyboard (usually replaced)
- Quality of the battery (Let the diagnostic test run for 20 mins)
- Check DELL service tag on (production date)
- Sudden reboots during tests (bad ram, bad cpu or mainboard)

Note down the serial number / service tag of the laptop in case you come back later. This shop has many laptops of the same make / type. Itís hard to recognize the same laptop.

NOTE: When you notice a sudden reboot / blue screen - do not buy this DELL laptop or computer. The reboot will most likely occur again after buying and is hard to diagnose.


DELL Refurbished Laptops & Computers - Islamabad

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