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Truck tires

Guljan & Brothers


Tyre Bazar Shop #474 (Rajah Bazar) – Rawalpindi


Phone the shop and take a taxi – hard to explain or reach by truck


The tire packed shop of Guljan & Brothers has a selection of new and second hand (Cargo - 4x4) truck tires. (not nylon). Before buying check manufacturer date and origin and inspect walls on cracks & rim edges on rough handling. Negotiate - even over multiple days to get a price to work with. Possible to trade tires also. More big truck tire shops in the area.

Bring your own tools to change tires. DON”T change tires on or after a rainy day in Rawalpindi. Absence of sewage system causes a huge mess in the streets. Changing truck tires is done outside the shop area. The street where the shop is located is hard to reach by (big) truck.


New and second hand Truck Tires Islamabad

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