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Trouble connecting to UFONE internet?

Trouble connecting your phone or laptop to the internet using UFONE GRPS?
Here you find a few answers how to get it done based on experience.

Receiving GPRS settings from UFONE

Receiving Internet WAP/MMS/GPRS/EDGE setting through SMS only works with new generation WAP/GPRS/EDGE phones. For older phones, GPRS must be set manually. Below you find the info for doing this.


GPRS/EDGE rate in October 2007 :: 18 Rs / Mb. Best to use it only for e-mail, chat or light browsing. There is no different price rate for using EDGE.


In simple terms
-GPRS is the same as Internet on your mobile phone or connected laptop..
-GPRS/EDGE is the name of the connection. (and needs settings to work)
-WAP/MMS uses GPRS/EDGE to connect. (and needs settings to work)
-WAP is the Internet Browser in your mobile phone. (like IE is on your PC)
-MMS allows you to send SMS with pictures and ringtones using GPRS/EDGE.

You don’t need different settings to use EDGE. This service is a faster variant of the GPRS connection service. If your phone has EDGE it will switch automatically to EDGE if the faster service is there.


Get GPRS/EDGE settings manually

The UFONE helpdesk sends MMS/WAP/GPRS settings on request.
(Call 333). Activation of GPRS takes a few hours to complete.

When receiving MMS/WAP/GPRS settings you need a pincode to activate the settings. This pincode is either send to you by SMS or available through the helpdesk.

Get GPRS/EDGE settings automatically

For automatic MMS/WAP/GPRS settings SMS your phone model to 222. (Nokia 3110 = send “N3110”). Sometimes the settings arrive the next day or not at
all. Newer or older models might not be recognized.

GPRS/EDGE phone settings for a laptop

For older phones set the GPRS settings for use with a laptop to:
AP = ufone.pinternet (tested October 2007)
Username = ufone
Password = ufone
PC settings are default – Set PC to dial to: *99***1#


For browsing the internet (WAP) on the mobile phone use
Leave the rest to default settings – don’t change.

In October 2007 the GPRS connection wasn’t extended (yet) with faster EDGE technology.

UFONE Helpdesk

Helpdesk has little knowledge of GPRS. If GPRS doesn’t work they won’t be able to help you. In the best case can be called back by 2nd line support.

This service is tested with a NOKIA 3110 Classic and a Siemens ME45.

And if it doesn’t work, don’t worry be happy :-) it’s only a mobile phone.



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