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Islamabad Overland - Campsite for foreigners - Jasmin Garden - Abpara market


Here you find a collection of addresses and information for overland travellers who stay in Islamabad - Pakistan for some period of time.

Islamabad Addresses and Information listed here is gathered by many travellers who travel overland to Islamabad by mobile home, car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or backpack.

You find addresses for car, truck workshops, car insurance, tyres, shock absorbers, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, IVECO, M.A,N., MERCEDES BENZ, UNIMOG truck parts, batteries, gas bottle filling station, computer, electrical and hardware supplies, bookshops, video DVDís, audio CDís, ATMís, bakeries, butcher, supermarkets, doctors, dentist, hospital, visa info, poste restante info, mobile phone operators, internet cafeís and much more.

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The sole purpose of this website is to maintain a practical address list for travelers visiting Islamabad and surroundings
This initiative has no relation to any government , n.g.o. and / or commercial organization in or outside Pakistan.

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